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Tasting Terengganu - Must Try Dishes !


To say that Malaysia is a food lover’s paradise, is putting rather mildly. While not as well known as gourmand darlings Penang and Ipoh, the state of Terengganu on the country’s pristine east
coast is an underrated treasure trove of pure, unadulterated deliciousness. Think fresh seafood, exotic herbs, creamy santan -based curries and delectable Malay kuih and cakes. We’ve done
the hard work for you and narrowed down the must-try ride-or-die dishes for that authentic Terengganu experience.

Image courtesy of Kravve

Keropok Lekor
If Terengganu were a dish, it’ll most probably be Keropok Lekor . Quintessentially Terengganu, this local favourite is made from ground fish that’s formed into a sausage-like shape and is
either deep fried or boiled. Typically a tea time snack, Keropok Lekor is eaten with sweet chili sauce or on its own. Whether you prefer your snacks doused in sauce or are a purist, either way
this stuff is highly addictive. You have been warned. 

Image courtesy of WendyinKK

Thanks to its close proximity to the sea, Terengganu is abundant with fresh seafood. Satar is another fish snack native to the state. Made from a blend of pounded spiced fish, shallots and
ginger, the dough-like mixture is then wrapped in a banana leaf and is slowly grilled over a hot coal barbecue. It’s pretty difficult to get your hands on authentic Satar anywhere else in the
country and for this reason alone, we urge you to sample this fishy delight the next time you find yourself in Terengganu.

Image courtesy of Sawanilla

Laksam is basically a warm hug from your grandmother in a bowl. It’s the perfect example of what happens when different elements complement each other so harmoniously it’s music to
our ears, or stomachs as the case may be. You have the thick rice noodles that’s swimming in a lightly-coloured, yet rich gravy made from mackerel and coconut milk. It’s then topped with a
blend of fresh herbs and bean sprouts that give it both a refreshing citrusy hit whilst adding a delightful crunchy surprise. Simply sublime.

Image courtesy of Terengganu Tourism

Nasi Dagang
Known as the “ Nasi Lemak of the east coast”, Nasi Dagang is another ubiquitous Terengganu dish. A breakfast favourite, Nasi Dagang is made from a mixture of white and glutinous rice
that’s steamed in coconut milk and is served with a fragrant tuna curry and a side of pickled cucumber and carrots. A breakfast for champions indeed!