Igniting your senses through the power of scent, Starhill Spa Village offers a fresh perspective on feeling good. Scent carries memories on its wings to lift the emotions, calm the nerves, or spice up your day. Over the years, Spa Village has been bringing wellness to the world, exploring and celebrating healing rituals, traditions and remedies of numerous cultures, resulting in an unparalleled collection of aromatic oils. Our curated collection comes together here in a trifecta of bliss as we offer our guests the opportunity to design their own personalised experience using these remedial scents in an eclectic combination for a delightful sensory journey.



Immerse yourself in warm waters of Lavender and Clary Sage essential oils to begin this dreamy journey. Following your bath, gentle hands lull you into a state of complete relaxation using specialised hypnotic massage techniques and sleep inducing 432 Hz frequency music to gently shift the body’s circadian rhythm to a more balanced state. Excellent for jet lag, insomnia, or simply to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

Available for two pax in our couple’s suite


When reserves are tapped out and you need a boost, this sensory stimulating ritual leaves you invigorated and recharged. Ion producing Himalayan salt is a known energy conductor, keeping our subtle electrical systems flowing and communicating. We begin with warmed Himalayan salt pouches massaged along specific meridians of the back to immediately restore energy levels. Following, plug into a vigorous full body massage topped off with a cooling Eucalyptus foot scrub to awaken the soul.


Perfect for the gentleman feeling the ill effects of stress and a hectic lifestyle. This experience focuses on all those spots with knots. The back is first treated to an invigorating thermal mineral exfoliation to prepare for the nutrient dense back mask of Moor Mud. Evolved over 20,000 years, this mud is composed of over 1,000 plants, herbs, and flowers, increasing circulation, reducing tissue and joint inflammation, and easing pain. We conclude with zesty Pine and Cedar Wood oils deeply penetrating the muscles, encouraging a tension release for a full body massage.