Located on the banks of the river which in yesteryear teemed with Chinese junks and spice-laden vessels from all over the world, The Majestic Malacca provides a glimpse into the splendid saga of an extraordinary empire. Steeped in a rich tapestry of multicultural influences reflected in its heritage architecture, diverse lifestyles and eclectic cuisine, this classic hotel is an integral part of Malacca’s colourful history. 

The heart of the hotel is a restored 1920s Straits Settlement mansion complete with its original porcelain tile flooring and teakwood fittings. It has been sympathetically extended to house the guest rooms and suites as well as an award-winning spa that is a reflection of that era, melding luxury, modernity and tradition. 



Each room is sumptuously appointed, in an elegant combination of luxury, tradition and modernity. Bespoke furnishings call to mind the glory days of old Malacca, while floor to ceiling windows framed by silk drapes bathe the room with soft light. Standing on warm timber floors is an inviting four poster bed finished in rich teak and dressed in cool cottons with an ornate silk runner. A matching silk-upholstered chaise lounge provides a cosy spot to gaze out over the river and let your imagination take you back in time or simply curl up with a book. 

Luxuriate in the large clawfoot bathtub, either in secluded privacy or with the screen doors folded back to chat to your partner or watch your favourite show on television surrounded by a fragrant bubblebath. 


Malacca is a heady mélange of Dutch, Portuguese, Malacca-Portuguese (or as it's colloquially known, Kristang), English, Chinese, Indian and Malay influences - a repository of much colonial heritage and custom intertwined with local practice. Its rich history is reflected in many facets of the city including its cuisine. 

The Majestic Malacca provides an eclectic selection influenced by its rich multi-cultural flavours contributed by the Nyonya, Portuguese, Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures. In addition to Western fare, the hotel also offers Kristang dishes that feature the freshest ingredients infused with a complex combination of spices and aromas to create one of Southeast Asia’s most original and exotic cuisines.

Spa Village

Spa Village Malacca is the world's only spa to base its therapies on the healing heritage of the Baba-Nyonya or Peranakan culture - a unique combination of Chinese and Malay influences. Spread across the two levels at The Majestic Malacca, the rich heritage is reflected not only through the therapies but also within the architecture, which provides an environment designed to capture the essence of the location. Traditional Peranakan Chinese day beds are bathed in muted sunlight from floor to ceiling windows in the relaxation lounge while private treatment rooms exude refined luxury through fine porcelain wall tiles, ornate silverware and intricate traditional wood carving. Inspired by the elaborate and colourful 12-day Peranakan Wedding Ceremony, every guest enjoys a pre-spa experience that includes a soothing hair care ritual. Therapies are molded around a person's cool or warm energies based on Peranakan belief and inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. The combinations of age-old traditional remedies sourced from indigenous ingredients are believed to cleanse, replenish and reinvigorate, both physically and mentally. Spa Village Malacca embraces the rich multicultural influences and offers guests a glimpse of this way of life with a spa experience like no other.




  • Historical Walk

  • The Kristang Culinary Journey

  • Trishaw Ride

  • River Cruise Tour

  • Golf

  • Morten Village

  • Baba and Nyonya House Museum

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