Spa Village Cameron Highlands is a unique haven for relaxation and rejuvenation where tea is the foundation for the experience. The award-winning wellness centre features healing therapies based on produce from the surrounding jungles and ancient tea rituals combined with knowledge drawn from the Orang Asli or 'original people' who have a deep understanding of plants, herbs and flowers that have the power to heal. The tranquil emerald landscape of the highlands provides the perfect ambience for relaxation and rejuvenation.



The rose, named 'The Queen of the Flowers', has been the enduring symbol of love and beauty from the beginning of history. Roses and the essential oil of rose have been used for centuries to heal the body, mind and spirit. Local lore credits a Scotsman with cultivating the first rose garden in Cameron Highlands in the 1950s. In honour of the first Yellow Champagne Roses, we introduce an 'Anti-Stress' bath, scrub and body massage using an aromatic herbal preparation of fresh Cameron-grown roses, tea leaves and rose essential oil. Rose essential oil is beneficial to all skin types, has aphrodisiac qualities, and is uplifting and calming. 


Strawberries are evocative of an English summer and have been a symbol of purity and passion. Romans cultivated them for their medicinal qualities, believing that strawberries bring relief from depression, infections and fevers, as well as ailments of the kidneys, liver and blood. Centuries later, Madame Tallien, a prominent figure at the court of Napoleon, was reputed to bathe in the juice of strawberries for its healing properties. Pureed fresh strawberries also soften the skin and cool inflammation. 


The Semai are the indigenous people or Orang Asli of the state of Pahang. In Orang Asli culture, every forest product has a specific use and the Semai elders have mastered the practices of treating ailments using the plants of the jungle. Their knowledge of traditional medicine has been acquired over millennia. What to the common eye is a shrub or a weed is a precious resource to them.