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Luxury Living: A Guide to The Best Beaches in Malaysia

Unspoilt, untouched and unsung, many of Malaysia’s best beaches remain virtually undiscovered. White sands, warm waters, unique geology and lush green centres, a plethora of Malaysia’s islands invite total-escape and Robinson-Crusoe-style quiet. We’ve chosen a selection of the best beaches in Malaysia that allow you to not only experience castaway tranquillity, but also to combine your Malaysia beach holiday with the finest in eco-conscious luxury living.

Pangkor Island - ​The name of the island alone tells you all you need to know – it comes from the Thai 'Pang Ko', which means Beautiful Island. Incorporated in that is a group of islands with Pangkor as it’s main island and a trio of smaller islands next to that - Pangkor Laut, Pulau Mentagor and Pulau Giam. Only a handful of the beaches on the Pangkor islands are hugely popular, like the well visited Pantai Pasir Bogak, otherwise the beaches are mostly secluded and unspoilt. For snorkelling beaches like Nipah beach and Teluk Nipah are an obvious choice for guaranteed crystal-clear waters and corals reefs. But the best-known island has to be Pangkor Laut, where the idyllic Pangkor Laut Resort can be found - this luxurious resort boasts an entire tropical island all to itself where villas are neatly tucked into the hillside  or gracefully balanced on stilts over the water.



Pangkor Laut Resort is certainly one of the best luxury beach resorts in Asia, with it’s  award-winning four-acre Spa Village. Experience ultimate relaxation as all your worries melt away leaving you feeling totally rejuvenated at this incredible world of peace and pampering, with treatments inspired from the diverse cultures of Malaysia. 

The pristine emerald huedgreen water that laps up around Pangkor Laut Resort exudes a magical sort of serene calm, the perfect accompaniment when dining. The resort of course has already thought of this and will set a table specially for you by the white sandy beach so you can soak up the sounds of waves gently lapping at the sea shore and the birds chirp romantically as you experience authentic refined local flavours and fine champagne .

Tanjong Jara Beach – In the sleepy coastal district of Dungun  lies the crescent shaped beach of Tanjong Jara and the Tanjong Jara Resort. The sense of seclusion at the resort is high, with little else surrounding the resort besides palm trees, jungle and a fishing hut dotted here and there.
The waters around the resort are so clear they make ideal snorkelling conditions for seeing schools of vibrant tropical fish, and a short ride by private speedboat to Tenggol Island will give you your best chance to snorkel alongside a beautiful hawksbill turtle. In the evening why not indulge in super chilled elegance and feel the sand between your toes as you dine beneath the stars and gaze at the enchanting night sky through a tableside telescope .



Gaya Island – As Borneo’s biodiverse treasure house of jungle and marine life, it’s little wonder why a break on tropical Gaya Island has been described as “a dream for snorkellers and conservationists alike”. You will discover the water here is so clear it’s almost rainbow coloured due to the immensely rich variety of marine life – you may have to pinch yourself to prove you’re not just dreaming...or just get snorkelled up and stuck in for an up close and personal experience. 



Blending into the surrounding lush tropical jungle that embraces the sand and sea, villas at the luxury Gaya Island Resort are thoughtfully scattered throughout for a one-to-one natural experience. Depending on your preference, as a guest at the resort you can choose whether you want to wake up to the sights and sounds of the seductively tranquil mangrove forests, the lush surrounding jungle canopy or the distinctive peak of the legendary Mount Kinabalu. Plus set amidst this lush landscape in this little slice of paradise, the resort spa offers a variety of sumptuous spa treatments inspired by the traditional healing customs that have been practiced by the indigenous people of Sabah for countless generations. The combination of setting and treatments ensures guaranteed relaxation and the chance to really fall in love with Malaysian beach life. ​