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For The Wanderlust Spirit At Heart



Going Places with The Paper Bunny’s convenient tote bags, and basking in the beauty of the seas


Of salty sea air, magnificent greens, flourishing wildlife, and Emerald seas - Pangkor Laut Resort is the perfect destination to be for a getaway from reality.

Voted World No.1 by Condé Nast Traveller, Pangkor Laut Resort has an astounding beauty, where the tranquility in the air is too intense to be true. Between the dazzling emeralds of the ocean, the impeccable white beaches, and the primitive presence of the rainforest, this natural beauty will bring you on a journey to a plethora of treasured moments.

Enter our 2-million-year-old rainforest - only a fraction of the 300 acres has been developed to what we know as the resort today. Walk through this ancient beauty reeking of age with lush foliage weaving a mystical experience for those who are adventurous enough to make the hike.

Tune in to the symphony of the great outdoors. If you are lucky, you might hear the enchanted conversations of the largely protected, yet endangered animals here, such as the Great Hornbill, Sunda Pangolin, and island flying foxes deep within the greens. Push your educational horizons further and get to know Mother Nature with Aris, the resort’s Resident Naturalist, on a journey to learn about the magnificent wildlife that shares this wondrous piece of land with us.



Embracing the wonders of Mother Nature
Hornbill earrings inspired by these majestic creatures


Wander into the arms of the awe-striking Emerald Bay beach, where guests are welcomed to lounge the afternoon away under the delightfully warm tropical sun. Watch as the shimmering blues of the waves lap against the shore under the sunlight, sip from a cold coconut served by the Chapman’s Bar in this picture perfect scenery, and be lulled into a deep restful peace under the leafy shades that decorates the edge of this award-winning bay.



In the midst of creating treasured moments in this treasured place, inspiration has struck The Paper Bunny, a lifestyle and stationary brand in Singapore in the most captivating ways, as a series of Pangkor Laut Resort inspired pieces for the wanderlust spirit at heart were created.