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​Unique Travel Experiences In Luxury Destinations

With YTL Hotels, the most memorable experiences combine authentic local experiences curated by people with local knowledge, focusing on the experience rather than the planning by taking care of it all for you. Here’s our top 5 picks that make the most of the destination, weaving in luxury touches  and authenticity for guaranteed great memories.

5. Starlight Gazing – This innovative spa treatment takes place under the crystal-clear skies on a beautiful secluded island in Bali. As you lie weightless under the glistening starlit expanse and listen to the sounds of the waves crashing onto the shore beside you’ll feel a real sense of the enormity of the universe around you. – Spa Village Resort Tembok, Bali

4. The Chef’s Kitchen Experience – Embark on a culinary journey that includes a trip to neighbouring Pangkor Island's fishery, dried seafood markets, noodle maker and floating fish farm – a true local experience. Then learn all the culinary secrets from a top local chef who will guide you through his extensive knowledge of exotic Asian herbs, spices and recipes, before a hands-on lesson into the art of South East Asian cooking. – Pangkor Laut Resort

3. Signature Picnic Experience – Exquisite blends of tea and delicate sweets and savouries served in surroundings of the lush rolling hills of the Malaysian highlands - this is not your average picnic in the park. Be chauffeur driven through the narrow winding roads as you climb into the hills towards the famous BOH Tea Plantations and their over 80 years of premium tea growing history. A private tour promises a new-found respect for the humble cup of tea, while tastings of the finest blends ensures a tea time you won’t forget. Complete the experience with a served picnic of freshly prepared finger foods overlooking the plantation. Tea and scones at this elevation gives new meaning to ‘high’ tea. – Cameron Highlands Resort

2. The Seven Wonders of Gaya – Forget the Great Pyramid of Giza, the real wonders are in the natural world. Experience up close and personal wild interactions with some of the rarest and most iconic species and habitats in Malaysia during the Seven Wonders of Gaya day excursion. Starting at the jungle canopy observation platform, the resident naturalist will introduce you to the comically nosed proboscis monkey. Throughout the day you will be given unique opportunities to see the gliding red giant flying squirrel, fairy-like twilight fireflies, the shy Boobook owl and three other incredible wildlife moments. Of course, the entire experience has been carefully curated by Gaya Island Resort to include breakfast and lunch as well as jungle exploring comforts.  – Gaya Island Resort

1. Lang Tengah Turtle Watch – Join the Lang Tengah Turtle Watch team on their mission to protect and educate about the endangered and magnificent sea turtle. The luxury Tanjong Jara Resort on the Malaysian coast has joined forces with this team of dedicated conservationists and volunteers in establishing and looking after a turtle hatchery near the elegant Nelayan seaside restaurant. Guests are invited to learn about sea turtles and the importance of conservation efforts in the beautiful beach surroundings of the hatchery. Join the team for nest inspections during the day and, when the sun goes down, stay with the team to watch for movements in the sand as baby turtles make their way to the ocean edge. Truly a once in a lifetime experience in an incredible setting.  - Tanjong Jara Resort