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Luxury Resorts That Are One with Nature

Luxury living embraces and celebrates the best of natural world, is eco-conscious and encourages conservation through unique nature experiences. The untouched natural splendour and diversity of Malaysia is only truly understood with up close and personal discovery. Discover the best resorts in Malaysia that offer the finest in luxury resort living while championing nature; allowing visitors to experience both self-discovery and eco-exploration. 




Gaya Island Resort is a true gem of an eco hotel, perfectly nestled within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, where this lush tropical landscape housing a diverse wildlife and rare undisturbed dipterocarp forest is awaiting your discovery. And as if that wasn’t enough, the resort is surrounded by golden sand beaches and vibrant coral reefs that are simply teeming with a stunning display of marine life. Escape urban greys and reconnect with mother nature on this floating paradise where natural greens and blues play a starring role. 

Aside from the various eco-initiatives in place, there are also a wide range of incredible activities designed to highlight the enchanting beauty of the island’s natural surroundings, including the Gaya Island Wildlife Centre. The centre is the brainchild of resident senior naturalist and walking encyclopaedia, Justin Juhun who designed the centre with the goal of allowing guests on the island to familiarise themselves with the island’s diverse wildlife. The centre houses several displays showcasing jewel-like insects, mineral collections, meteorite-like rocks and fossilised wood, in addition to functioning as a peaceful recuperation facility for injured animals. When the resort’s resident senior naturalist Justin Juhun isn’t busy manning the Wildlife Centre, he and his team conduct daily nature walks to uncover the mysteries of the unique ancient dipterocarp forest that resides in the resort’s backyard. Come prepared with a good pair of hiking boots though, as this voyage of discovery involves traversing various trails including journeying across streams and rocky terrain and then through trailing vines and prickly palms.




Pangkor Laut Resort boasts an entire tropical island all to itself where the resort villas are neatly tucked away into the hillside or delicately perched on stilts over the water. This luxurious resort is also home to the award-winning Spa Village offering world class treatments that promise to leave you feeling entirely relaxed, recharged and rejuvenated. 

Apart from the ultimate relaxation that the resort offers, there is the chance to go jungle trekking with the resort’s resident naturalist, where you will truly be at one with nature as you explore the mysteries of the island’s spectacular virgin rainforest – it’s a must for the eco-travel conscious. You don’t even have to be an experienced hiker to go on these guided jungle treks, as there is a refreshing short trek through the northern perimeter which offers the nature experience with a little less sweating. For those looking for a longer more invigorating walk there is a guided trek along the southern perimeter that offers stunning views of the ocean and a jungle backdrop. Whichever you choose, on each tour you will receive fascinating insights on the rich plant and animal life that thrives beneath the ancient forest. Don’t forget your swimwear, as each trek ends at Emerald Bay where a quick dip is well-deserved and hard to resist.